[sword-devel] Open source German Volxbibel

Wolfgang Schultz woschultz at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 29 08:17:53 MST 2008

2008/12/28 Chris Little <chrislit at crosswire.org>:
> This page is probably worth pointing out:
> http://wiki.volxbibel.com/index.php/Volxbibel_f%C3%BCr_das_SWORD_Projekt
> The actual link (I believe to a Zefania page) is down, and only ever
> contained the version 1 Bible (which is now up to version 3), but it may
> still be available through one of the web archives and I imagine a few of us
> downloaded it while the link was alive--in case anyone is interested in that
> edition.


the version 3 of the volxbibel is now available for sword :-))


please test it..



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