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Is this an appropriate mailing list to ask about OSIS tagging ? if it
is not just ignore the following questions, and if you know please
point me to the appropriate forum/mailing list related to OSIS.

note: I already read and download the OSIS 2.1.1 User Manual 06March2006 as PDF

Here is the text (Indonesia KJV, only Matt chapter 1 and half chapter
2 :) that I will be based my questions
or in the attachment if this mailing list allow attachment

- the header, do I get it correct ?
* xml:lang, it is ind or id
* <identifier type="OSIS">Bible.id.IndKJV.2008</identifier>
* <rights type="x-copyright">Public Domain</rights>
* <work osisWork="s">
    <identifier type="OSIS">Lemma.Strongs</identifier>
<work osisWork="m">
    <identifier type="OSIS">Morph.Strongs</identifier>
is the above osisWork is somekind of shortcut so I could just write
inside <w> something like s:G159 rather than strong:G269 and m:N-NSF
rather than robinson:N-NSF ?

- the src attribute of <w> for strongs and morph, what is this use for
and how do I know the numbering system ?
for example in Mat 1:1 the word Jesus indicated by <w ...
morph="robinson:N-GSM" src="3">, what is src="3" means ?

- <w> declaration confusion?
in some case it is declaring multiple reference is single <w>, in
other case it is using multiple <w>
in Matt 1:2 (in the start/begining) it have
<w lemma='strong:G3588' morph='robinson:T-ASM' src='8'></w>
<w lemma='strong:G3588' morph='robinson:T-ASM' src='3'></w>
in other case it declare (Matt 1:2, in the middle
<w lemma='strong:G3588 strong:G2455' morph='robinson:T-ASM
robinson:N-ASM' src='13 14'>Judas</w>
So what is the correct way ?

- What should I use <verse osisID='Matt.1.3'> is using english or
using the translation eg: <verse osisID='Mat.1.3'>
Matt (English) = Mat (Indonesia). The OSIS manual does not clear in
this area regarding non english

- <milestone resp='jbm 2003-06-27-16:21' type='x-strongsMarkup'> or
<milestone marker='¶' type='x-p'>, what is this milestone ?
and if I want to declare paragrap, is this <milestone marker='¶'
type='x-p'> is this what should I use ?

- <transChange type="added">are</transChange>, if I am doing
translation from KJV (English) to Indonesia, do I still need to
translate these ? and what type should I use(added, moved, or
amplified), note my case is translating KJV (English) to Indonesian
not from original (Hebrew/Greek) to Indonesian

sidenote: where can I download the OSIS file for KJV with strong and
morph (which is used in crosswire), so I could easily compare my
output with that KJV OSIS.

Tonny Kohar
Alkitab Bible Study
imagine, design, create ...
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