[sword-devel] New SWORD website - update

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sun Dec 28 10:51:58 MST 2008

Thanks for the comments received on and off the mailing list. This was
all very constructive.

I realise there is still a fair amount of work to do and will go back to
 it. It is hard to see where the shortcomings are when too closely
involved and too familiar with the product.

A couple of specific points to Troy re news and module statistics.

To move the news onto main page is easily done. BUT - the current
download statistics have two important flaws:

1) they do not actually work - I am observing them for the last few
weeks and they are not changing - ever. Whether this is a result of the
server move or something different I am not sure.

2) The result delivered (unless I look at the wrong file) is fairly
useless for consumption as it is a HTML table which then needs to be
squashed into the site in this format and no other. My preference would
be if - whoever designed the statistics programme could deliver a csv
file with module name and downloads and then let me play with that.
Preferentially with download statistics for all modules (main and beta).
Could be done weekly or monthly if daily is too much. The top 20/month
are one interesting angle, but it will always be hogged by the English
language modules and more relevant for niche publisher is that we can
show for niche modules that they do have a "market". Also aggregates
could be useful - 20000 of  language A modules instead of x of this
module, y of that and z of those one. But I can think of all this if I
see the CSV (or XML) somewhere. Intention would be to keep a top20
somewhere widely visible and play with the rest somewhere else.

One more specific question - Troy, if you want the news on the front,
(some of) the current text needs to move. It is mostly stuff I
accumulated from various bits of the site (no info or text was lost so
far) and then thrown in the project blurbs (engine, library, jsword)
originally written by me for the CrossWire page, but I took them out there.

Some could go onto About. Some could simply vanish. Are you happy for me
to move this and amalgamate together in one page or do you want to do
this yourself?

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