[sword-devel] Linking to a specific location in an article

Jonathan Morgan jonmmorgan at gmail.com
Fri Dec 26 11:19:43 MST 2008

Is it possible to link to a specific section of an article or work using
OSIS as we use it in SWORD?

For example, the ISBE has long articles with a table of contents at the
start, and I would really like to link all of the ToC entries to the start
of that section in the current article, as you would get with HTML if you
did <a href="#section3">Section 3: ...</a>...<a name="section3">Section 3:
...</a>.  ISBE is currently ThML, but I believe Chris plans to convert it to
TEI/OSIS (might even be in beta, can't remember).

I also wonder whether it would be worth making dictionaries hierarchical
like Genbooks with the top-level being the dictionary article, with the
rationale that then the program could include such navigation in any way
they chose (though I would expect to be shown the whole article at once, in
a similar way to how DisplayLevel works).  It would however seem to add some
amount of complexity for possibly little benefit (it is however, consistent
with the way I have seen Quickverse encode Naves and similar works, and it
does allow you to improve the navigation).

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