[sword-devel] Windows Self-Installer Modules

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Fri Dec 19 14:20:12 MST 2008

> But if it is required, wouldn't a better solution be for a discovery 
> mechanism to be part of SWORD? Then it would be available for all 
> platforms.

Sorry DM,  I tried to say that the current mechanism is in the SWORD 
engine.  It is part of SWMgr and is activated if a [Globals] 
AutoInstall= entry exists anywhere in the located SWORD configuration on 
the system.

Granted, it may not be as cool as it should be, but this is another 
topic for another time, I think.

  So, if on startup a "new" module was found that was not
> installed by a SWORD installer, then the user would be notified that the 
> new module is available. Such a display could display the pertinent conf 
> info.
> Having an auto-installer is beneficial if it can find the right SWORD 
> folder in which to do the install.
> In Him,
>    DM
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