[sword-devel] Windows Self-Installer Modules

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 19 13:32:42 MST 2008

Peter von Kaehne wrote:
> Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
>> Sorry Barry, yes, I forgot to include the request to cause the windows
>> installer to not use the InstallScan facility in the SWORD engine.  I
>> had planned to comment on this.
>> The SWORD Engine also supports notification of new modules installed.
>> This was added many years ago at the request of publishers who asked us
>> to show their About information upon installation.  It is not Windows
>> specific, but I don't believe we use it on any other platform.  
> That is interesting. Yes, the two stage install suddenly makes sense. I
> still dislike it from the point that not just no other platform makes
> use of it, but also no other Windows programme AFAICT. at least not
> BibleDesktop and probably also not BpBible which uses its own module
> installer, I think.
>> Basically this has the effect that after installing standalone books,
>> the next time you run any application compiled against the SWORD C++
>> engine, you will be prompted with something like: "Found New Module:
>> XXXX" followed by the About for that module.
>> This may not be a requirement any longer by any publisher.  I can't even
>> remember who originally asked for this.
> I had some similar requests, but I negotiated them away, telling them
> this is physically impossible. The joys of ignorance :-)
> Practially I guess the about screen and distribution conditions could be
> put into an NSIS installer, similar as the GPL is often shown as a click
> through.
> That would satisfy the requirement if it still exists anywhere.

This is still Windows centric.

I also don't think it is necessary. If you download from the web 
interface you get to see the pertinent info. Also, doesn't (shouldn't) 
every SWORD installer show that info to help the user to decide whether 
it makes sense to do the install?

But if it is required, wouldn't a better solution be for a discovery 
mechanism to be part of SWORD? Then it would be available for all 
platforms. So, if on startup a "new" module was found that was not 
installed by a SWORD installer, then the user would be notified that the 
new module is available. Such a display could display the pertinent conf 

Having an auto-installer is beneficial if it can find the right SWORD 
folder in which to do the install.

In Him,

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