[sword-devel] Windows Self-Installer Modules

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Fri Dec 19 13:04:46 MST 2008

Sorry Barry, yes, I forgot to include the request to cause the windows 
installer to not use the InstallScan facility in the SWORD engine.  I 
had planned to comment on this.

The SWORD Engine also supports notification of new modules installed. 
This was added many years ago at the request of publishers who asked us 
to show their About information upon installation.  It is not Windows 
specific, but I don't believe we use it on any other platform.  It is 
configured this way:


SWMgr will search through all AutoInstall paths for .conf files, display 
the About section (there is a virtual method which can be overwritten to 
display how your GUI wishes to display) and then move the .conf file to 
the primary SWORD library install location (determined by the complex 
searching outlined in the link I sent earlier).

Basically this has the effect that after installing standalone books, 
the next time you run any application compiled against the SWORD C++ 
engine, you will be prompted with something like: "Found New Module: 
XXXX" followed by the About for that module.

This may not be a requirement any longer by any publisher.  I can't even 
remember who originally asked for this.


Barry Drake wrote:
> Hi Troy ........
> Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
>> OK, so would this be a fair assessment of the requests on the table?
> Just wondering: the use of a 'pending' directory into which the new 
> module is unpacked following opening of a Windows module installer .exe 
> is very much BibleCS only.  It might be nicer if Windows .exe installer 
> were compatible with BibleDesktop and the soon-to-be GnomeSword for 
> Windows.  The NSIS installer could install to a valid Sword directory 
> with a bit of work( and no - I don't have time to offer to do it, so 
> maybe I should keep my mouth shut).  I would hold somebody's hand in 
> doing it if need be, though.
> A good alternative might be to scrap the self-installing Windows .exe 
> modules altogether.
> God bless,
> Barry
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