[sword-devel] PDAs icon - tooltip = Handhelds and Mobile Phones

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Fri Dec 19 08:54:32 MST 2008

David Haslam wrote:

> Can this visual weakness be improved somehow?  One for Peter, I think.

I would love to, but I have not found a good icon to replace that one.
The problem is that any icon you use there needs to be free in terms of
copyrights etc. If you find one which will somehow convey better
smartphone/PDA than I would be delighted.

Basically it should not be much bigger than 40x40 px, it should be free
and it should be better than what is there.

There is always the option of breaking mobile phones out and giving them
their own category. That would be easy.


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