[sword-devel] New website - installation instructions

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Fri Dec 19 02:16:03 MST 2008

Ouch, what a can of worms I opened here with a question I thought being
totally uncontentious. :-)

Can I summarise the discussion for the purposes of my webpage:

1) Users should not install modules themselves
2) Users should not install modules themselves


10) Users _really_ should *not* install modules themselves

11) If they must, despite the clear warning, there are certain places,
the engine will look for and some are better than others.

And after that confusion reigns at least for me.

My preference would be to give a single place which is always the same -
at least for any particular incarnation of Windows. And while I think
all of you agree on that, it appears this is not exactly the case in
terms of our applications.

Which programmes can install modules from within their module installer
from a local location , say My Documents? If all can do so then I will
not give _any_ explanation where to unzip.  It is just not worth it, I


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