[sword-devel] New website - installation instructions

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 19 00:16:38 MST 2008

> There's nothing wrong with a "." at the beginning of a file or
> variable name.  It simply hides the folder from regular user view,
> which is how it should be.  The data in there is not intended for
> direct user interactions.  If people want to see hidden folders/files,
> they can enable it.

No, on windows it doesn't hide the folder, which is the problem.

> XP is still a recent version of the NT chain.  It's still supported
> and available on certain machines, and shares a significant amount of
> user popularity - that's my meaning of recent.  I don't know when in
> the NT family the concept was introduced of the User directory, but I
> know it's been in since at least XP.  Not that it much matters,
> because bending over backwards to support anything pre-XP is most of
> the SWORD applications is going to be beyond tedious for minimal gain.

8 years old is recent?

> From how I understood Troy, it was merely for the installation of
> modules - not the creation of them - that he was advocating putting
> them in Program Files.  Per-user data should probably still be kept in
> some sort of per-user location.  But installing modules to be shared
> across the front ends and users should be done in a more global place.
>  Perhaps the path \Users\Public\Sword should be used for the regularly
> installed modules, and set to SWORD_PATH, then a per-user folder in
> %HOME%\AppData\Sword or %HOME%\.sword

You are basically saying what GS intends to do, but that is certainly
not how I understood Troy.

(as for not having "." at the
> beginning of folders, I currently have .dvdcss, .housecall6.6, .kde
> and .VirtualBox in my home directory -- it's definitely not unheard
> of).

I know, but it's like creating a visually unappealing program for a
Mac user. Littering the user's home directory with .folders is not the
most user friendly thing that could be done.

> I don't remember if XP supports the \Users\Public, but I think it
> does.  I know that World of Warcraft, in a recent patch, decided that
> it should recommend that users move the whole game folder to
> \Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft instead of \Program Files\World
> of Warcraft.  After all, that's what the public is for -- shared data
> that users are allowed to read/write to.  What to do on Windows
> systems that are pre-user, I have no idea.

XP doesn't have \Users\Public. It does have All Users\Documents, which
might be a more correct place to put shared things, but I'm not sure.

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