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Tue Dec 16 05:50:53 MST 2008

modules - not the creation of them - that he was advocating putting
them in Program Files.  Per-user data should probably still be kept in
some sort of per-user location.  But installing modules to be shared
across the front ends and users should be done in a more global place.
 Perhaps the path \Users\Public\Sword should be used for the regularly
installed modules, and set to SWORD_PATH, then a per-user folder in
%HOME%\AppData\Sword or %HOME%\.sword (as for not having "." at the
beginning of folders, I currently have .dvdcss, .housecall6.6, .kde
and .VirtualBox in my home directory -- it's definitely not unheard

I don't remember if XP supports the \Users\Public, but I think it
does.  I know that World of Warcraft, in a recent patch, decided that
it should recommend that users move the whole game folder to
\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft instead of \Program Files\World
of Warcraft.  After all, that's what the public is for -- shared data
that users are allowed to read/write to.  What to do on Windows
systems that are pre-user, I have no idea.


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