[sword-devel] New website - installation instructions

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Dec 18 16:25:44 MST 2008

Despite my silence on the matter I am still working on the SWORD website

One of the pages where I would appreciate some collective input is


This is the old installation page taken into my pages without any
substantial changes. And it is wrong on so many counts.

This page should not be BibleCS specific. Its windows instructions is
meant for users of BibleCS, BpBible., BD, GnomeSword on Windows, LCD
Bible and practically everyone else who has a Windows based programme.
As I have not used Windows a lot and find it generally a pain I have not
 investigated the various positions modules can end up in.

Which places do your applications expect modules in? Please list all!
What are suitable places for direct install when someone wants to bypass
the module install manager? Are there any problems with that?

Some feedback is highly appreciated.


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