[sword-devel] Adding abbreviated names to the module conf file (was Re: isalnum(3) for i18n)

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Tue Dec 16 17:59:46 MST 2008

Chris Little wrote:
> In addition to these, I recommend adding enDescription, enAbout, Abbr,
> and enAbbr.
> We traditionally include English and localized title/about data within
> Description & About entries. The addition of enDescription and enAbout
> would simply divide these, so enDescription will contain the English
> title and Description will contain the localized title. Likewise,
> enAbout will contain the English about text and About will contain the
> localized version.

My feeling is that this is still too constraining.

My suggestion is following (look at /usr/share/applications - example
attached below):

ModuleID=[]  # the current Name
Name=		# The English name, might be identical to ModuleID

Localisable for Name, Description, About and Copyright.

This would allow as many and as few names as one wishes, always give a
sane fallback (the English name) and allow particularly for the original
texts a multitude of names etc. I think I can tell you a dozen or more
modules off hand where 3 or 4 names are useful and another handful were
as many as 100s of names will eventually be useful.




Name=VLC media player
Name[fr]=Lecteur multimédia VLC
Comment=Read, capture, broadcast your multimedia streams
Comment[fr]=Lire, capturer, diffuser vos flux multimedia
Name[sv]=Mediaspelaren VLC
Comment[sv]=Allmän uppspelare av film och musik
Name[ru]=Медиаплеер VLC
Comment[ru]=Универсальный проигрыватель видео и аудио
Name[pl_PL]=Odtwarzacz multimediów VLC

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