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Jónatas Ferreira jonatasferreira at mac.com
Tue Dec 16 16:23:41 MST 2008

Hi Manfred,
Hi David,

I can only say amen! to the words written by David. I'll try to test  
it too.


Em 2008/12/16, às 19:00, sword-devel-request at crosswire.org escreveu:

> Manfred,
> I can't wait to install this on my mac later today. I will keep you
> posted on my findings. Thanks for putting your time into this, its  
> great
> to see MacSword alive again.
> --
> David
> Manfred Bergmann wrote:
>> Hi.
>> After half a year of work on the next major release of MacSword I
>> would like to release still an early alpha version to the public.
>> All version numbers lower than 2.0 are considered alpha versions.
>> The following things are implemented and are considered working  
>> except
>> many, many minor issues:
>> - workspace host window which enables tabs for all major views (Bible
>> (Combi view), Commentary, Dictionary, Genbook)
>> - single host window which can hold only one view of the above
>> mentioned (tabs can be detached from workspace host and opened in
>> single space host)
>> - combi view that can display bible views in parallel (as many as fit
>> on the screen)
>> - combi view also can host commentaries (and later dictionaries and
>> genbooks)
>> - all views that display module data/text are based on NSTextView
>> instead of WebKit. NSTextView and the text processing system of Cocoa
>> allows much more posibilities for text editing and processing than
>> WebKit. The drawback is that the HTML data has to be converted to
>> something which NSTextView can display (internally) which costs some
>> time. But displaying 4-5 books at a time should be fast enough.
>> - all parallel bible and commentary views in combi view are
>> synchronized. This means that while scrolling a bible or commentary
>> text all other views are synchronizing itself to the currently  
>> visible
>> verse. ATM the views are synchronized to the verse displayed at the
>> top line. More functionality is planned for the future here.
>> - HUD preview window which shows cross-refs, refs, notes, strongs
>> (more will come)
>> - indexed search based on Apple's SearchKit
>> - background indexer which automatically indexes all modules types.
>> - in view search through NSTextView's Find panel
>> - automatic application updater based on Sparkle open source Cocoa
>> framework
>> - module installer
>> - bookmarks manager
>> - session saving and loading (though the session is currently saved  
>> in
>> /tmp which will be deleted after restart)
>> There are also many, many things missing that will hopefully be
>> implemented next year:
>> - a wizzard for the first run which guides the user to get some
>> modules in
>> - localization
>> - personal commentary editing
>> - improvements on the UI in terms of context menus, images, improving
>> overall ease of use
>> - removing all the rough edges
>> - display options, fonts, colours
>> - search options (range search and such, maybe a wizzard for creating
>> a query statement)
>> - interconnection between the data and all the views
>> - daily devotions
>> - word statistics
>> - timeline view
>> The application will not be made available at SourceForge yet.
>> For everyone interested in testing and giving feedback please have a
>> look at some screenshots or download the application.
>> The application will only work on Mac OSX 10.5.
>> It is possible to use MacSword 1.4 (and below) and MacSword 2 in
>> parallel. None of your data should get lost but backups of your
>> bookmarks and other files would not hurt.
>> Screenshots:
>> http://idisk.mac.com/manfred.bergmann-Public/Bibles.png
>> http://idisk.mac.com/manfred.bergmann-Public/Genbook.png
>> http://idisk.mac.com/manfred.bergmann-Public/IndexedSearch.png
>> Application:
>> http://idisk.mac.com/manfred.bergmann-Public/MacSword-1.8.1.app.zip
>> Any help for example for finding appropriate images actually for all
>> parts of the application, finding bugs or giving opinions are very
>> welcome.
>> Regards,
>> Manfred

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