[sword-devel] server upgrades status

Carl A. Harris carl-harris at sbcglobal.net
Tue Dec 16 06:25:08 MST 2008

Hang in there, boys you'll getter none & we all are peaying for you.

Have a merry Christmas Holiday

Carl A. Harris, Dr. Min.

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We had some troubles getting into our NOC this past weekend and had to 
do the upgrades last night.  The major work is done, but we still have 
services to bring back online.

For those with accounts on crosswire, you will find your old stuff under 

imap folders have already been migrated, but your procmail filters will 
have to be done on your own.

Please don't do a mass copy from your old folder to your new home.  This 
is a time for cleanup.

Thanks for your patience and your support during this migration.


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