[sword-devel] Website - module lists

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Mon Dec 15 15:58:24 MST 2008

Some brainstorming and advice please.

I am working currently on the module list as it may appear in the new
sword website:



This is probably (for me) the most complicated part so far. I want it as
intuitive and fast but also as unwieldy as possible.

Our language list and module list becomes ever longer.

Some info is poorly presented in the old one and I want to do it better
- but am not sure yet how to accomplish that/

Language:af means little - Africaans would be nicer. How can I get there?

the little info button is irrelevant as if the name is highlighted as a
link it is obvious where to get info. So I will drop that.

I never liked the internal module names as a presentation item, i think
the short description is much more useful for that. I think i would want
to drop the internal module name.

But there is more:

What navigation would be efficient, robust and would bypass scrolling to
an ever expanding list?

I am sure most frontend developers have the same problem.

I am wondering about two drop downs - language and category

If you choose nothing you get all

If you choose English you get all English

if you choose English and Bible you get only English Bibles

Has anyone a better idea?


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