[sword-devel] [New Website] application page, OS icon bar, news

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Fri Dec 12 16:58:49 MST 2008

The icon bar is fixed. I hope so at least.

It has captions - thanks to mwtalbert for suggesting this.

It works fine in FF, Opera, IE7 and Chrome

It fails not too maliciously displaywise in IE6 and can presumably still
get improved, but it works well enough on IE6

I replaced some icons which were not free (Windows) or not expressive
enough (Web). Not sure about the OS X icon. I searched high and low for
a generic PDA icon. Give me one it will go in there. Otherwise the Palm
V will have to stay.

The caption text is very small - I know that. But it is meant only as a
additional hint and making it bigger would risk trouble on slim-line
screens. There is also an alt text which appears once you wait long
enough. If that (all three) is not good enough as hints where to go,
people should not use websites ;-)

Feedback is - as always - welcome


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