[sword-devel] [New Website] application page, OS icon bar, news

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Fri Dec 12 07:55:54 MST 2008

Starting a new thread here, as things become otherwise again to complicated.

Complaints with the version yesterday were

1) Java not necessary
2) a page with all applications needed
3) some sensible way of choosing needed (several suggestions, including
a mockup gratefully received)
4) on narrow screens the text + icons create a mess.
5) News and where to put it.

I have taken the applications choice logic out of index.jsp. It is now
at www.crosswire.org/applications.jsp. all links divert to that now.

It is a small head paragraph with (in raw version) all applications
listed by three categories (Desk/Laptop, PDA, Web based) and uses a
modified version of the icon chooser which should work on narrower screens

Java has been removed from the icon bar, though
applications.jsp?section=Java will still work (though unlinked
currently) and maybe can be eventually put to more use for the outliers.

I am will work on the page further and will create some way of seeing
fullsize screenshots. I do think myself that this is necessary.

I do not think it is appropriate to create separate application pages
beyond the blurb + a proper screenshot. This would confuse things (with
the independent front end websites) and result in long term rot again.

My whole aim is to make this website so that we can again largely forget
about it.

News - I would like to have more feedback on that. Currently the news
stream is pretty dull and not at all up to date. Chris (and Troy?)
thinks it should be in SWORD only, but there is some discrepancy what
SWORD actually means to all of us - Troy will put some questions to
project leads himself.

Personally though I think we can have news pages on most sub sites, if
only we have enough news to go around.The news admin page allows to
enter news in different categories, which in turn would in theory
enables us to put out different aspects/categories out in different
places. So feedback on that idea, please!

Also some concerted effort by project leads to enter news for their
frontend into the admin page:

Karl - the last reference to GS is ages old, small wonder that Ubuntu
still uses 2.3 ;-)

DM - BibleDesktop is at 1.6 and not on 1.07.

Isn't BT already at 1.7?

New frontends should be introduced there too once they are mature enough
 (FireBible, AlKitab, BpBible?)

We had exciting 2 years - and yet very little is visible, which is a shame.


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