[sword-devel] Icon bar and redirects. (new website)

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Dec 11 12:30:56 MST 2008

To avoid thread overload..

I have addressed practically all issues mentioned yesterday apart from

- those where I disagreed (off site links in the top, no JAVA software
link )

- those which are lowish priority (Site search, fixed top and side menu,
sliding underneath).

All rendering problems (apart from the iconbar) are resolved. either by
finding my mistakes or by a broswer sniff.

The most important remaining issue is the icon bar. I think it is thre
right solution as it saves space, is intuitive (after some changes) and
looks ok - well it would if it worked allright. I have a problem with
pngs and IE6. How can I get transparency? Is there another solution? Ar
GIfs better in this place and function? I have moved away from the
growing Icon, but think that a changed background or even better a
moving frame would be best. Any advice welcome.

redirects - I have inserted HTML driven redirects but think it would be
better to have this as a server directive like .htacess. Is there a way
of doing this in Tomcat?

Thanks a lot!


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