[sword-devel] CrossWire website up and running

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Dec 11 12:15:40 MST 2008

DM Smith wrote:
> Love the design!

Thanks. It is athe old design, cleaned up.

> Some nit-picks.

I was waiting for that ;-)

> Agree with the OS icons being jittery and needing to be made more obvious.

Not jittery anymore, but a nbetter solution which is IE6 firm needs to
be found.

> IMHO, the links in the banner need to flip to other pages having the 
> same banner and sidebar. 

All have now, bar the Sword project. I am rewriting this.

> In the banner "The SWORD Project" should 
> probably link to: http://crosswire.org/index.jsp?section=Sword

This will be sorted by the rewrite

> Maybe add to the banner "Bible Study Software" and link it to a page 
> that is the entry point for the software.


> One of the things I like about our wiki is that external links are 
> clearly marked. I'd like to see a distinction for links that lead elsewhere.

I hate links off site (even if we know it is really still our site) from
the top bar. It looks unprofessional. So I have eliminated them all bar
the SWORD project which is getting a reqrite.

> I'd like to see the banner and sidebar fixed and the content of the page 
> scroll (without frames, iframes or javascript). I'll see what I can do, 
> but don't hold your breath:)

That is easily done, but I would consider it a low priority. Remind me
if I have not come round to it after a time.

> On the old news page, there used to be a module download statistics 
> listing. I'd like to see that on the modules pages. Or somewhere else.

I will recover these.

> On the main page under The Sword Project there is a link labelled 
> "library" that goes to http://crosswire.org/index.jsp?section=e-library 
> which is a blank page.

Sorted. for the moment. SWORD will be rewritten and all links to it will
be reappraised.


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