[sword-devel] osis2mod discoveries

Daniel Owens dhowens at pmbx.net
Thu Dec 11 00:32:32 MST 2008

I am working hard to get the VietNVB module in beta to be ready for 
release, but persistent display problems in several of the front-ends 
held it back. Here is what I discovered:

1. What DM told us about wliminating the <div type="section"> elements 
worked to solve one problem.

2. Eliminating <lg> elements solved another problem similar to the one 
above but showing up in Gnomesword (unlike the problem above), to my 
surprise. I'm not sure if this is known (probably is but worth 
repeating). It produces non-validating OSIS, but it is necessary to get 
poetic material to work.

3. Compiling the module with osis2mod from version 1.5.9 solved all the 
rest of the problems. By this point it was only BibleDesktop that was 
affected. Headings were not displaying properly/consistently, and 
sometimes multiple lines of poetry displayed on the same line with no 
spaces between the "lines". See Psalm 1 in the VietNVB 1.3 in beta, and 
you'll see what I mean. Verse 1 smashes several lines together, but the 
rest of the psalm displays everything correctly.

I'm not sure what happened from 1.5.9 to 1.5.11 or the current SVN to 
cause such problems for BibleDesktop, but these are my findings, for 
what it's worth.


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