[sword-devel] IE6 problem Re: CrossWire website up and running

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Dec 10 13:24:06 MST 2008

Some other platform notes:

IE7 looks the same as FF3 to me.

Chrome, Safari Mobile, & Safari (all based on WebKit) look okay, but 
aren't rendering correctly. The gray title bars ("The SWORD Project", 
"Bible Study Software", etc.) on the main page extend their color 
through the entire <div>. So there's a solid gray box with the "The 
SWORD Project" content, followed by a white divider, then a solid gray 
box with all of the "Bible Study Software" content, then another 
divider, etc. Other pages display similar faults. They are generally 
passable (except when there's red text on burgundy background on a few 
pages) but clearly not what was intended.


Peter von Kaehne wrote:
> Just had a look with IE6 at the page and got a shock. The margins and
> the distribution of the content in the right sided menu is totally
> distorted.
> I am not sure whether I should be more angry with myself or with MS, but
> I never use IE6 and it did not even cross my mind that the simple stuff
> I am doing could cause such havoc
> The CSS evaluates without error in the FF console, but clearly this is
> not good enough.
> Can someone suggest a rapid fix or do I need to revert back to the old
> page? I _really_ would like to avoid this!
> The rest of the matters you all mentioned are noted. I will rework the
> icon bar as the first thing after things are fixed for IE6.
> Peter
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