[sword-devel] emptyvss and Mac binaries of utilities

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 9 06:54:52 MST 2008

To add to what Chris said, emptyvss is a development tool for module 
developers. It can be very misleading. It merely reports verses that are 
a part of the KJV nt and ot versification that are not in the module. 
The problem is that emptyvss does not give any indication that it is 
reporting against the KJV versification.

When we set up the wiki for reporting on problems in beta modules, I ran 
emptyvss on all the modules. Turns out that it was useful, but I 
originally reported that many of the modules were incomplete. This was 
not the case.

So, I think that emptyvss should print a disclaimer if we move it to 

In Him,

Daniel Owens wrote:
> Okay, to answer my own post, after I ran ./configure I manually edited 
> /utilities/Makefile to remove the mention of emptyvss from
> noinst_PROGRAMS
> and I added it to
> and it installed. This really ought to be installed by default.
> Daniel
> Daniel Owens wrote:
>> This thread is a bit old, but I'm resurrecting it because I want to use 
>> emptyvss but can't figure out how to build it. Perhaps this is something 
>> that should be included in a default installation if it is referred to 
>> in the wiki for use by module developers...
>> I'm okay building from source, but I need to know where and how to 
>> modify the make system to include emptyvss.
>> Daniel
>> Chris Little wrote:
>>> It was pointed out to me that emptyvss isn't included in any of the 
>>> project files (either the Windows project files or the Make system) so 
>>> it won't be built by default. However, you should be able to add it into 
>>> the Make system fairly easily.
>>> emptyvss is quite useful if you're testing modules, but utterly useless 
>>> otherwise.
>>> --Chris
>>> Gregory Hellings wrote:
>>>> If you don't mind building from the command line, you can get those  
>>>> tools built yourself without much problem. Just download the source  
>>>> (labeled as Linux, but works fine in OS X) and issue the normal  
>>>> commands. Having curl, clucene, and icu installed through fink or  
>>>> darwinports is a good idea. Contact me off-list if you need help on  
>>>> either of those. Feel free to ask on-list if you have issues with  
>>>> building the Sword library.
>>>> Greg
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>>>> On Jul 22, 2008, at 13:59, Benny Wasty <bennywasty at gmx.de> wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> I read in the wiki that there's an "emptyvss" utility but I can't find
>>>>> it - it's not in ftp.crosswire.org/pub/sword/utils/win32/.
>>>>> Also I'd need Mac binaries of a few utilities (osis2mod, emptyvss,
>>>>> mod2vpl) - are they available anywhere?
>>>>> Benny

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