[sword-devel] Website: "help" direction + improved blurbs

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Wed Dec 3 18:08:40 MST 2008

Ben Morgan wrote:
> Anyway, I don't want to start an argument on this. We've had quite enough of
> those lately :)


> If you want, you can put my position down to me only knowing one language,
> and that English ;)

Indeed. And the result of this is that you overestimate the ability of
people to speak/understand English as you meet likely mostly those (up
close) who are able and willing to communicate with you.

> Personally, I think the features and "user experience" are more important
> than the languages it is available in. 

That is what I am trying to challenge. For end users the application
language is often a limiting factor to get to the real features. for
that very reason there is a whole world out there of Russian bible
software (ask David Haslam for more info) and a fair number of attempts
in other languages too.

But you can't really put either in a
> 90 word summary.


> BPBible is Bible software which is flexible and user friendly, and empowers
> the user. With a wide variety of available Bibles, dictionaries,
> commentaries, and other books, it could easily become your first point of
> call for Bible Study. It has features usually found only in expensive
> commercial software, such as a word proximity based cross-verse search, and
> is available in Vietnamese and English. It works well under both Windows and
> Linux, and is also an official PortableApp.

I will put this in now

> Thanks again for doing this.

You are welcome.


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