[sword-devel] Latest osis2mod doing funny things with chapter titles

Tom Cornell tom.cornell at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 23:23:39 MST 2008

So the latest SVN version of osis2mod (Rev: 2197, anyway) solved my
problems with section headings and verse numbers. (Yay!) But I failed
to notice what it was doing with my chapter titles: Chapter 11 was
getting as its title "Chapter 12", and so on. I added a chapter title
to Chapter 2, and Chapter 1 got _both_ titles.

Running osis2mod I get (only) the following message:

Appending entry: John.1: <chapter eID="gen3" n="1" osisID="John.1"/>
<title type="chapter">Chapter 2</title>

I don't know if this is meant to be taken as a warning, or is just a
status message.

In the module itself, only chapter end milestones show up; there are
no chapter start milestones. Is that as it should be?

OSIS code looks like this:

<div type="book" osisID="John" canonical="true">
<title type="main" short="John">ΚΑΤΑ ΙΩΑΝΝΗΝ</title>
<chapter osisID="John.1" n="1">
<title type="chapter">Chapter 1</title>
<div type="section">
<title>The Word Became Flesh</title>
<verse n="1" osisID="John.1.1" sID="John.1.1"/>
<verse eID="John.1.51"/>
<chapter osisID="John.2" n="2">
<title type="chapter">Chapter 2</title>
<verse n="1" osisID="John.2.1" sID="John.2.1"/>

The module looks like this:

Up to the first verse (the module contains only John):

<lb type="x-begin-paragraph"/> <lb type="x-end-paragraph"/> <div
sID="gen1" type="bookGroup"/> <title>New Testament</title>  <title
short="John" type="main">ΚΑΤΑ ΙΩΑΝΝΗΝ</title>
<div sID="gen4" type="section"/> <lb type="x-begin-paragraph"/> <title
type="chapter">Chapter 1</title>
<title subType="x-preverse" type="section">The Word Became
Flesh</title>   <w>Ἐν</w> <w>ἀρχῇ</w> ...

Last verse of John 1 through first verse of John 2:

...  <lb type="x-end-paragraph"/> <div eID="gen8" type="section"/>
<div sID="gen4" type="section"/> <lb type="x-begin-paragraph"/> <title
type="chapter">Chapter 1</title> <chapter eID="gen3" n="1"
osisID="John.1"/>  <title type="chapter">Chapter 2</title>

Note the repeated <title>Chapter 1</title> at the end of that
chapter/beginning of Chapter 2.

Is this what the output of osis2mod should look like?

I should mention that I am running a BibleTime ( straight out
of an Ubuntu package, so it is presumably using an old version of
Sword, probably 1.5.9. So it may be that the osis2mod output is fine,
and the front end is just expecting something different. But I had no
problems with the osis2mod from the 1.5.11 release, except for the
newline after verse numbers noted in a previous thread.

-Tom Cornell

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