[sword-devel] Withdrawn SWORD modules?

jhphx jhphx at cox.net
Sun Apr 27 00:54:50 MST 2008

DM Smith wrote:
> ... It is hit or miss as to whether a particular file is present or 
> not, or corrupt or not. ...

That is surprising. I can understand linking directly to the files on 
the original site as long as those files match the page as it was when 
archived. I can also understand linking to dummy files. Seems like they 
would be taking a big risk if they are doing as you say.

> While poking around in the wayback machine, I found vines.README (from  
> '98, IIRC) that said that the current re-copyright expires in 2002. If  
> true, I'd like to see it made available.

As I remember it, the 2002 date was based on misunderstanding of the 
restored copyright term. If you take the original date published as 1940 
and a restored copyright having a 95 year term, then it will expire in 
2035.  See:


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