[sword-devel] On the topic of an iPhone front-end

Nathan Youngman junkmail at nathany.com
Fri Apr 18 11:05:24 MST 2008

I'm not sure about the cross-domain stuff for a web app...
1) a web app pulls from one server, but gets a module from CrossWire  
and converts (degrading intial user experience/performance, and  
requiring some cross-domain trickery)
2) Web app hosts data on it's own server, in pre-converted formats,  
but without "CrossWire only" modules
3) CrossWire hosts the iPhone web app

Of course a native application could do 1) without cross-domain  
concerns and more efficiently.

- nathan

On 18-Apr-08, at 6:16 AM, DM Smith wrote:

> I don't think format shifting is the issue. The module's permission  
> for
> distribution restricted modules is that CrossWire has been given
> permission to distribute. I don't read into this that it is "only in
> SWORD's module format." IMHO, as long as the text is obtained by the  
> end
> user from CrossWire it should be ok. But putting the module on another
> server, in that, or any other format, that would not be distribution  
> by
> CrossWire.
> So I think that there are a few possible avenues:
> 1) The application pulls the module to the user's device and uses it
> however the application does it. If that application does format
> shifting (which I agree is what the Lucene index is partially doing),
> that would be fine. But it would be entirely unnecessary. If the  
> user's
> application can read the module to do format shifting, then it can  
> read
> the module and render it too.
> 2) Get an agreement to do format shifting and store the results on the
> CrossWire server.
> 3) Don't make "CrossWire only" modules available without getting
> separate permission to distribute from a different location.
> In Him,
>   DM

Nathan Youngman
Email: nj at nathany dot com
Web: http://www.nathany.com

Nathan Youngman
Email: nj at nathany dot com
Web: http://www.nathany.com

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