[sword-devel] conversion of to sword module

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Sun Apr 6 05:18:05 MST 2008

Hi Martin ......

martin wrote:
> Would anyone be so kind and convert for me my bible into sword file? 

Before any of us offered to help, we would need to know the following.
What is the name of this version. Who translated this version of the 
bible.  Who owns the copyright, and if the copyright is still in force, 
we would need to receive written permission from the copyright holder 
for its use under Sword.  We would also need to know what language this 
bible is written in.

Please note that at the moment, we can currently only make modules with 
the 66 book (protestant) canon for technical reasons.  This is a problem 
that is being looked at currently.

God bless,

-- From Barry Drake (The Revd) minister of the Netherfield United 
Reformed church, Nottingham see http://www.jesusinnetherfield.org.uk for 
our church homepages).

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