[sword-devel] The usefulness of gen book modules

Don A. Elbourne Jr. don2 at elbourne.org
Sat Sep 29 07:40:09 MST 2007

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> Dear Don,
> I have missed you!  

Thanks Troy. Since hurricane Katrina demolished our entire community my 
life drastically changed, but as we start to get back on our feet, I'd 
love to get back to helping with the Sword Project every now and then. 
As you know, I'd love to see an Open Source Bible application become 
more ubiquitous. If I can help in a small way, I want to contribute.

I was learning a little C++ before the storm in my spare time, but these 
days, with all my added responsibilities, I know that would be 
impossible. But I should be able to help get some good theologically  
solid  texts into gen book format if that would serve to make the 
project more useful for the cause of Christ and the spread of the gospel.

by grace alone,

Pastor Don A. Elbourne Jr.
Lakeshore Baptist Church

Pastor's blog: Locusts & Wild Honey

Rebuilding Lakeshore to the glory of God

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