[sword-devel] OSIS - Easy Modul Validator (osisCore.2.1.1)

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Thu Sep 27 18:14:04 MST 2007

Wolfgang Schultz wrote:
> Hello
> To check if an OSIS document is valid against OSIS schema, use this
> easy tool if your document is wrong, it will output error, and
> position.
> http://joomla.zykloide.de/Joomla_1.0.10-Stable-Full_Package/content/view/62/56/
> Greetings
> wolfgang
> http://www.bibleworkplace.de
> BTW: Zefania XML is valid against osisCore.2.1.1 , what a surprise!

Actually, anything that doesn't include 
will validate as "valid OSIS" according to your utility.

Will you be posting source code? I couldn't find it on the SF.net site. 
I think this is a nice start, but I'd like to add TEI and maybe ThML 
validation to it as well. And eliminating the need to access the 
internet (or eliminating the OSIS schema xsd from the distribution) 
would be another nice improvement.


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