[sword-devel] The usefulness of gen book modules

peter refdoc at gmx.net
Wed Sep 26 05:35:11 MST 2007

Another interesting way forward would be an ability to tag sections in
GenBooks thematically.

So a search on forgiveness e.g. would throw up all Bible verses, related
commentary sections, a dictionary entry and various tagged sections in


Eeli Kaikkonen wrote:
> On Tue, 25 Sep 2007, Don A. Elbourne Jr. wrote:
>> Does Sword index scripture references in gen books?
>> In other words, does the Sword engine provide the possibility of
>> creating some sort of "passage study" tool? For example a user could
>> submit a particular passage, like Eph 2:8-9. The query would return a
>> list of links to citations in gen books where the scripture reference
>> exists.
> This would be very good indeed.
>> I am not necessarily making a feature request (although this feature
>> would be very cool - so please do not flame me) I'm just wondering if
>> the possibility exists. If so, I would be more willing to help convert
>> classic Systematic theologies, historic creeds, and puritan sermons into
>> Sword module format. then I could wait until someone wants to build it
>> into a front end. Without this feature, it doesn't seem that gen book
>> modules afford much usefulness.
> I think that general books like Pilgrim's Progress are not very useful
> as Bible reader program modules. PDF or HTML is as good as our format.
> The usefullness really comes from the scripture references. The first
> and obvious use for them is clicking a link and having the Bible text
> right there. The other one is something which I have seen in some Bible
> applications but not in Sword. That is just what you described.
> As the library and frontends become more and more mature we have to
> think how to utilize the possibilities of computers more and more. This
> is exactly the way to go. Computers should do anything possible
> behalf of a human being. Before computers theological books had
> scripture indexes. Today this should be automatized so that if the user
> reads a verse and wonders what Calvin said about that verse he could
> just click a link to Insitutes or commentaries.
>> Having something like this would serve me well in sermon preparation. If
>> I'm preaching a particular passage, I'd love to have the ability to
>> search my gen book collection for any citation of that passage.
> If this is possible with the Sword library I would be willing to find a
> way to utilize it in BibleTime frontend. If I have understood correctly
> Joachim and Martin have also thought something like this when they have
> planned the BibleTime2 frontend.
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