[sword-devel] The usefulness of gen book modules

peter refdoc at gmx.net
Wed Sep 26 05:31:04 MST 2007

I think this is an excellent idea.

At the moment the GenBook section appears a bit like an afterthought and
is not really well integrated. But this would totally transform it into
something very useful.


Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> Dear Don,
> I have missed you!  It's good to hear your suggestions.  Although this 
> sounds like something that would be a dominant feature presented to the 
> user, it is not one that we have a specialized interface in the engine 
> to handle.
> Having said that, it can be done fairly effectively doing the following. 
>   We'll use the DBD daily devotional as an example, but any module 
> (including genbooks) should work the same.
> 1) Make sure the module has an appropriate filter for Scripture 
> References in the .conf file.  We'll need to add this line to dbd.conf:
> LocalOptionFilter=ThMLScripref
> 2) Use the following search call to the engine.  To demonstrate, we'll 
> slightly modify our sword/examples/cmdline/search.cpp example to change 
> the search type to use Entry Attributes search type.
> listkey = target->Search(searchTerm.c_str(), -3, REG_ICASE, 0, 0, 
> &percentUpdate, &lineLen);
> (NOTE: the -3 specifying Entry Attribute Search)
> 3) Then verse references can be searched using the Entry Attribute path: 
> Footnote//refList/<YOUR REF HERE>/
> e.g. using our modified sword/examples/cmdline/search tool, we could 
> execute the line:
> ./search DBD "Footnote//refList/Hebrews 13/"
> and you will get a list of each day DBD devotional references Hebrews 13.
> Now, ultimately:
> I) all our modules should be updated to have the appropriate filters.
> II) non-OSIS Scripture reference filters (like ThMLScripref) should run 
> the verse list through our SWORD parser and spit out OSIS references in 
> the refList field so all references will be uniform.
> III) ULTIMATELY frontends would add a nice little dialog box to execute 
> the call referenced above.
> IV) We could add a lucene index for Footnote//refList so the results 
> would come back very fast.
> Thank you for the suggestion Don!
> 	-Troy.
> Don A. Elbourne Jr. wrote:
>> Does Sword index scripture references in gen books?
>> In other words, does the Sword engine provide the possibility of 
>> creating some sort of "passage study" tool? For example a user could 
>> submit a particular passage, like Eph 2:8-9. The query would return a 
>> list of links to citations in gen books where the scripture reference 
>> exists.
>> I am not necessarily making a feature request (although this feature 
>> would be very cool - so please do not flame me) I'm just wondering if 
>> the possibility exists. If so, I would be more willing to help convert  
>> classic Systematic theologies, historic creeds, and puritan sermons into 
>> Sword module format. then I could wait until someone wants to build it 
>> into a front end. Without this feature, it doesn't seem that gen book 
>> modules afford much usefulness.
>> Having something like this would serve me well in sermon preparation. If 
>> I'm preaching a particular passage, I'd love to have the ability to 
>> search my gen book collection for any citation of that passage.
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