[sword-devel] Pocket PC Sword reader

Barry Drake b.drake at ntlworld.com
Mon Sep 24 06:28:54 MST 2007

Hi there .......

Sadly, there were no replies to my enquiry about the Pockt PC bible 
reader.  I guess no one is currently 'pumpkin holder' for this project, 
and it doesn't seem to have been looked at for a few years.  This is a 
shame - it's potentially a nice application, and the fact that it reads 
unaltered Sword modules is just great!  It has one serious problem - it 
only seems to be able to look at fortynine of the books!  Can I persuade 
anyone to pick this one up and take the project on?  I have neither the 
time not the technical ability to take this on, and I don't want to 
start learning the vagaries of Mobile Windows programming.  Lynn - I 
know you are into Pocket PC stuff - I don't suppose you'd care to take a 
look would you?

God bless,


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