[sword-devel] single-user vs. multi-user installations, modules and packaging (Re: [Gnomesword-developers] a bug?)

Eeli Kaikkonen eekaikko at mail.student.oulu.fi
Sat Sep 22 12:32:12 MST 2007

On Sat, 22 Sep 2007, DM Smith wrote:

> I'll bite. I read the thread and I see several things being brought up:
> 1) Multi-user installs of modules.
> 	As I see it, the rpm or deb has a problem in that it is not managing
> permissions correctly. My suggestion is that the global sword area
> have group permission of "sword" and the administrator of the machine
> adds people to the sword group if they have permission to do installs.
> 	Further, how many setups are multi-user installs where someone does
> not have enough savy to make the permission changes?

I would think about the "nontechies". Nowadays many computer illiterate
people use Linux. Installing the software package should "just work".
On the other hand more skillful users would be annoyed if all modules,
indices etc. would be per-user only.

> 2) Distribution of modules via a Linux distribution.
> 	Many modules have something to the effect that "Copyrighted;
> Permission to distribute granted to Crosswire" These cannot be
> distributed by this means.
> 	Each Linux distribution would need to get it's own permission for
> these.

Very good point.

> 3) Globally stored unlock keys.
> 	This may be a violation of the license agreement that accompanied
> the unlock key. I don't see any reason to support it.
> 	In a separate thread Troy suggested a separate conf file that the
> config manager would read. This can be maintained on a per user basis
> in ~/.sword.

I think the sword library should have an API for saving and getting the
key. Frontends would be responsible for providing the user interface
only. In that way the library would decide the best solution.

> 	Whatever means is used, it should work for BibleTime, GnomeSword and
> BibleDesktop on the same machine.

Definitely yes. But how about Mac and Windows? Both can have multiple
users with their own accounts, right?

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