[sword-devel] Beta Tisch and MorphGNT

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Wed Sep 19 17:21:23 MST 2007

>> OT: There was a thread about LXXM processing.  I have a script that I 
>> believe slurps down LXXM from CCAT and generates a nice GenBook module 
>> doing all necessary conversion of whatever, and includes lemma which can
>> be looked up in Liddel/Scott.  The result is here (click on a word):
>The current LXXM Sword module is reversified to KJV and has Strong's 
>numbers added and non-canonical books removed. It would be nice if we 
>could merge the Strong's data back into the CATSS original.

I agree it would be cool if we could merge the Strong's data in (guessing
you mean from the "current 'LXX' Sword module").  That would be great! 
Actually, we might be able to do almost better.  We current have a list of
Strong=Lemma at:

We could swap the key/value and do lookups of the Strong based on Lemma, but
we would have to consider that there may be some ambiguity.

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