[sword-devel] Beta Tisch and MorphGNT

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Wed Sep 19 17:07:23 MST 2007

>FYI, GnomeSword behaves as DM expects: The right-click popup menus offer
>module options that are module-specific, and those settings are remembered
>in a separate configuration, modops.conf.
>This is the right way to go.  The fact that I turn on Strong's in NASB
>and LXX doesn't mean I want them in KJV or RWebster, and I shouldn't
>have to toggle them back and forth as I switch modules being read.

I must politely disagree. :)

When I study, I seldom want strong's numbers.  When I do, I click the
toolbar button and expect them on.  When I don't, I click the toolbar button
and expect them off-- in any module I view.  This is typically true for the
other features on BibleCS' toolbar-- footnotes, xrefs, etc.  I either want
them on or off for what I'm doing that the moment.  Something, like
footnotes for example, I usually leave on, and don't want to have to go turn
them on for every single module I decide to display.

This is why we have different interfaces.  People study in different ways.



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