[sword-devel] Beta Tisch and MorphGNT

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Wed Sep 19 13:18:35 MST 2007

> Looks like superscripted tildes aren't removed.

Since the release of BibleCS 1.5.9, I added at least one more sequence 
for stripping to the filter:

It was found processing the Hesychius lexicon or LXXM or something.  But 
Chris, you are saying that your latest build of BibleCS also still shows 
some accents not being stripped?

OT: There was a thread about LXXM processing.  I have a script that I 
believe slurps down LXXM from CCAT and generates a nice GenBook module 
doing all necessary conversion of whatever, and includes lemma which can 
be looked up in Liddel/Scott.  The result is here (click on a word):


Notice the index didn't do well with spaces (?) in the name, so a slight 
tweak to the script might be required.

The script and conversion programs are here:

>> 3) When I change Strong's Numbers while viewing MorphGNT and KJV is  
>> shown (the module to the immediate left). For whatever reason, I  
>> can't get it to show Strong's Numbers now. I thought at one time I  
>> could.
> I don't really know what's going on with the OSISStrongs/OSISLemma 
> classes. This probably fits under that umbrella. This particular 
> behavior, I can't recreate.

Behavior of BibleCS is that if your turn on a 'Feature' like Strong's 
and your current text does not contain that feature, you will be taken 
to a text which does provide that feature.  Please check the .conf file 
and be sure Feature= entries are correct for the module.

Thanks for all the work on this guys.  Looking forward to some cool new 


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