[sword-devel] sword 1.5.9: problem while searching

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Wed Sep 19 06:37:24 MST 2007


Could you look in the module's .conf file which you are searching and 
determine what the Encoding= entry says.  It if is not UTF-8 then sword 
will not attempt to use ICU on the text, even if it is compiled in.

Having said that, the sword engine could use some attention in the area 
of utf8 processing.  Could you tell me if you are using an index module 
(clucene compiled in, and you've indexed the module using your favorite 
frontend, or the CLI mkfastmod)?  If you are using the unindexed search 
framework, I'm afraid it is not very utf8 friendly and could some tweaks 
to make things work correctly.  We've started down that path with the 
creation of a new class: StringMgr (thanks Joachim!), here:


Though it currently only has toupper functionality.

Old string routine declarations are here but should slowly go away. 
Currently their impl should just call the methods in StringMgr, but they 
might not all do that yet (I'm pretty sure stricmp does, which is the 
most widely used in the engine).

The search code is here:

search for: multiword (2nd occurance)

The comparison is done using stristr (bad), which should probably be 
changed to use a new StringMgr::stristrUTF8 method, but for now you 
could simply try changing stristr to strstr and toupper_utf8 both the 
input once before the loop, and the candidate buffer just before the 
comparison.  Sorry for the bad language support.


Linas S. wrote:
>> I think that indicates that diatheke is built without ICU. Sword uses
>> ICU to do upper case, but only if it is present.
> Unfortunately it is compiled with icu. Is it possible that I made a  
> mistake when compiling it? I enabled icu in usrinst.sh, then launched it.  
> After that - make, make install.
> Regards,
> Linas Spraunius
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