[sword-devel] Beta Tisch and MorphGNT

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 19 05:45:04 MST 2007

In BibleCS 1.5.9, I'm seeing some flaky behavior with these two modules:
1) The Greek Accents --> Off does not remove all the accents. I am  
using the default font on Win XP, which shows boxes for accented  
characters. After turning them off, most are removed, but some boxes  
remain. Comparing John 1.1 to my Greek text, nearly all the Greek  
unaccented letters are present. but now some with boxes adjacent.

2) I am playing with the settings for Strong's Numbers and Lemmas and  
the settings are not sticking. I had expected the settings to be  
grayed out or removed if they didn't pertain to the selected module.  
And I expected the settings to pertain to the module I selected and  
not be a global setting. I thought that's what I had seen before when  
I tested BibleCS before.

3) When I change Strong's Numbers while viewing MorphGNT and KJV is  
shown (the module to the immediate left). For whatever reason, I  
can't get it to show Strong's Numbers now. I thought at one time I  

4) Opening Options->Preferences does not list MorphGNT as having  
Strongs. I'd have expected it to be listed along with KJV and Tisch.

5) MorphGNT has two different lemmas beyond Strong's. I'm only seeing  
one. Granted they are mostly the same, so perhaps they are de- 

6) Right clicking on a lemma (e.g. λογος) produces an error:  
"Access violation at address 0071EBB6 in modlue 'sword.exe'. Read of  
address 814295AB." My default dictionary is LewisShort. When it is  
all said and done ZYTHUM is shown. Then shutting down the program,  
having not searched for anything else, causes this message to pop up  
twice upon next startup. (BTW, LewisShort shows just fine in 1.5.9,  
but the InstallMgr won't let me install it because bibleCS is not  

7) With both Strong's and Lemmas on, only Strong's is showing.

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