[sword-devel] Bible translation program in place in every language by the year 2025

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Wycliffe staffers to bike cross country in fund-raiser for Bible
translation efforts
 Allie Martin OneNewsNow.comSeptember 18, 2007
Two staff members with Wycliffe Bible Translators will set out next week
for a cross-country bicycle tour as part of an effort to raise awareness
for the need of Bible translation.
Vision 2025 is an initiative by Wycliffe Bible Translators to have a
Bible translation program in place in every language by the year 2025. To
help promote the effort, two staff members will leave from Los Angeles
next Wednesday and ride, along with five other bicyclists, to Lynchburg,
In an interview with Mission Network News, Doug Haag said the ministry
will partner with an organization called Faith Comes by Hearing. The
organization records and dramatizes audio versions of the New Testaments
that are translated by Wycliffe. "Their passion is to see it in audio
form, in a way that's professional quality that would have immediate
impact on these oral cultures," says Haag. "So you not only have it
written down and available [and] accessible that way, but for these
people groups to have it in this audio form as well."
Haag says that more than 50 percent of the world's population would
choose to hear the Bible instead of reading it. He says that is because
in many societies around the world, people learn best by sharing stories.
The money raised from the bicycle tour will be used to make translated
Scripture accessible to two people groups in Guatemala.
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