[sword-devel] One of those weird ideas....

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Tue Sep 18 15:17:06 MST 2007


It would certainly be possible with the current engine software.  It would
be dependent on the frontend to handle the new data in a module.

We just need to decide the best way to include information about audio and
what it means.  We've heard some good suggestions.

If audio is present, we'll need a Feature=Audio in the .conf
and then a normal way.  For images we use <img
src="relative/path/to/resourced"/>. For audio we could use <seg

A simple filter to pull these into an entry attribute for frontends to
easily grab would be straight-forward.  Likely under:
["Audio"]["001"]["src"] = relative/path/to/resource

Are we all in agreement that the usage we are talking about is an audio
resource which is EQUIVOLENT to the body of the entry?

We could conceivably talk about somethink IN the body like:

"To hear this greek word pronounced, <seg type="x-audio"



peter <refdoc at gmx.net> wrote: 
>So back then to the sound files - would this be a possibility?
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