[sword-devel] One of those weird ideas....

jonathon jonathon.blake at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 12:07:27 MST 2007

Peter wrote:

> Braille is good - but it relies on presence of a braille terminal - I

Braille printer, not a Braille terminal.

> understand they are very expensive and not overly comfortable - so many
> people rely on screen readers

There are two major reasons why Braille Displays are not in common use:
* A very low percentage of people who are blind can read Braille;
* Braille monitors are very expensive.  (Budget US$5K for the cheap models

They are comfortable to use.  (Speaking both from personal experience,
and talking to people who are blind.)

> - which in turn will make it hard for us to find anyone actually testing the programmes.

If a program works with a regular display monitor, it will work with a
Braille display unit.

> is the most suitable way forward and will come back.

I think DM Smith was asking for something that would convert the text
to Braille, so it could be printed out.   If that isn't what was being
requested, then a clarification is needed.

Along those lines, a tool to transliterate Greek, Hebrew, etc in the
Latin writing system might be a useful addition.



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