[sword-devel] One of those weird ideas....

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 18 04:14:06 MST 2007

Another weird idea, allow for transliteration into braille. Probably  
won't give the proper tactile response unless printed to a braille  

On Sep 17, 2007, at 4:51 PM, peter wrote:

> I am at the moment trying to set up a laptop for a blind member of our
> church.
> One of the wonderful things here is obviously the festival support  
> which
> comes with gnomesword - Karl, thank you! - which gave me an idea for a
> new feature - would it be possible for a module to contain sound  
> files -
> just as some now contain images?
> I could imagine a commentary where each sound file is associated to
> passage coming in really useful for a) for general use associating
> already recorded sermons, lectures etc to biblical text and b)
> specifically as a help for the blind.
> I would think that it should be relatively straight forward (not  
> being a
> programmer makes all things appear straight forward :-) ) to have a  
> link
>  launch e.g. totem or whatever other pre-existing media player is
> associated with a particular filetype.
> The advantages over the existing festival support is the natural voice
> of a recording, the ability to make use of music etc  and the
> possibility to import existing taped sermon collections etc. The
> disadvantage  is obviously the loss of granularity and generality -
> Festival can read each individual verse and could be used to read  
> every
> type of module, irrespective of whether it is recorded or not.
> Festival is obviously not available for many languages.
> Peter
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