[sword-devel] Releasing application under sword GNUpubliclicense

mmital mitalmanu at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 17 19:43:39 MST 2007

"We will very happily add your project to the list of sword applications on 
our front page.  Would you like to wait until you have decided on your new 
name (per your previous email about conflicting names with other software)?"

I see how BibleCS is codenamed (CS for CrossWire). For lack of a better 
name, I will go with SWBible (where SW can stand for SwordWarrior or simply 
Sword). I am completely open to suggestions :)

"Yes, developing your software under the banner of CrossWire Bible Society 
will save you from having to obtain your own permission to use some of our 

Exactly. I see no point in doing extra work and re-inventing the wheel :)

"Most of our applications have some distinction from our other software 
which we point out so users have an idea why they would like to choose one 
over another. "

One thing that prevents me from contributing to BibleCS is that I do not 
know Borland. eBible uses Microsoft Visual C++ which also provides a 
"microsoft look" to the end product. I can think of a few other differences 
in end user interfaces. For example, the personal notes section in eBible is 
different, the footnotes appear at the bottom of each chapter, the strong 
and morphological tags require the user to click instead of a pop tooltip, 
the format of bible text is verse-per-line, etc.

Have you looked at adding InstallMgr support to your application?  This is 
the code we've been chattering about which we have been trying to debug for 
this next release of the engine.  It is a simple class interface which 
allows you to have multiple module repositories and to query for new/updated 
modules and will download and install those you select.  We have a 
standalone application that we ship with BibleCS (our current windows 
software).  You are welcome to bundle that with your application so your 
users can download and install using this tool.

Yes, that can be done and it makes a lot of sense to do, since now eBible 
will be dealing with a lot of modules

"As an added note, BibleCS has been fairly stagnant for quite some time.  If 
there is any way we might merge our efforts to advance free windows 
Biblesoftware, it might be a blessing to everyone"

BibleCS has many features that eBible lacks. e.g. install manager, parallel 
feature, creating a verse list, and support for multiple languages. Now that 
both projects are under one roof of Crosswire, our projects can freely copy 
and paste code from each other without any restrictions (A true merger would 
be more difficult due to differences in compilers)

Over the next few weeks, I will move our eBible source code to the 
SourceForge website, and try to comment the code extensively so as not to 
frustrate potential volunteers J

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