[sword-devel] One of those weird ideas....

peter refdoc at gmx.net
Mon Sep 17 13:51:31 MST 2007

I am at the moment trying to set up a laptop for a blind member of our

One of the wonderful things here is obviously the festival support which
comes with gnomesword - Karl, thank you! - which gave me an idea for a
new feature - would it be possible for a module to contain sound files -
just as some now contain images?

I could imagine a commentary where each sound file is associated to
passage coming in really useful for a) for general use associating
already recorded sermons, lectures etc to biblical text and b)
specifically as a help for the blind.

I would think that it should be relatively straight forward (not being a
programmer makes all things appear straight forward :-) ) to have a link
 launch e.g. totem or whatever other pre-existing media player is
associated with a particular filetype.

The advantages over the existing festival support is the natural voice
of a recording, the ability to make use of music etc  and the
possibility to import existing taped sermon collections etc. The
disadvantage  is obviously the loss of granularity and generality -
Festival can read each individual verse and could be used to read every
type of module, irrespective of whether it is recorded or not.

Festival is obviously not available for many languages.


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