[sword-devel] Releasing application under sword GNU public license

mmital mitalmanu at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 16 22:37:54 MST 2007


I am intersted in furthering the development of bible application that I orginally developed without using the sword API.

After I discovered the sword project, I am using the sword engine API to drive the software.

Although application is completely free of charge, I recently discovered that sword license requires that "the source code is made freely available for the software and any derivitive is also released under the GNU General Public License". 

Where can I upload the source code so that my application can comply with your license agreement?

Are there any other copyright issues in distributing an application based on sword API? If so, I am willing to take the application offline and revert to the old non-sword system.

The application is currently called eBible and located at www.swordwarrior.net. The name of the application will be changed soon since it conflicts with software by Thomas Nelson Ministry, and also conflicts with the software provided by http://www.lakessoftware.com/eBible.htm

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