[sword-devel] Accented Greek Texts

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sun Sep 16 01:24:42 MST 2007

MorphGNT and an updated Tisch, both from morphgnt.org are up in the beta 

Testers, please try out all the bells & whistles. Tisch includes 
morphology and three distinct sets of lemmata (Strong's numbers, 
Strong's lemmata, & ANLEX lemmata). MorphGNT includes morphology & 
lemmata. BibleCS appears to handle all of the options without any 

Greek readers, please check that the morphology of the MorphGNT is 
correct according to the Robinson morphology codes/module, since I had 
to convert the codes from the format they come in to one that we already 


DM Smith wrote:
> At the present time we don't have any accented Greek texts.
> I would like to start a discussion on whether we can find freely  
> available accented texts of sufficient quality/authority to put up as  
> a module.
> For each one that we find lets enumerate the issues that would  
> prevent us from using such a text.
> For starters, I'd like to point out:
> 	http://koti.24.fi/jusalak/GreekNT/NTTexts.htm
> which has updated versions of some of the texts that we currently  
> have online.
> At least one is an accented text. What would hinder us from putting  
> that online (other than volunteer effort :)? That is, what obstacles  
> should we overcome?
> In Him,
> 	DM
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