[sword-devel] GnomeSword image support; my repo's image modules (Re: image support)

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Wed Sep 12 00:00:51 MST 2007

GnomeSword has just been updated to provide separate module lists for
Maps and Images, in both its sidebar and module manager.

A pile of *.conf in my repo were updated a little while ago to reflect
Feature=Images, plus Category=Images or Category=Maps:

maps:                   images:
ABSMaps                 Lineage
BAO                     DoreWoodcuts
FarBibAtlas             DoreWoodcutsCom

Nothing in the content of these modules has changed -- you could
download just the *.conf and place them manually rather than spend the
link time on an actual module update.

It would be appreciated if bao.conf could be propagated by someone with
privs to the Crosswire module area.  Also, the GnomeSword manual (which
now lists Feature=Images, but no Category) is rather overdue for overall
update at Crosswire, too, considering that we are preparing for our
2.3.0 release -- again, if someone with appropriate privs would pick up
the complete module, it would be vastly appreciated:


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