[sword-devel] ftptrans.h

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Sep 10 11:45:04 MST 2007

First reasoning, then a couple possible ideas.

The reason we traverse the tree and copy files one by one is because the
simple requirement for posting a SWORD repository is only that you can make
a currently working installed sword library available via FTP services from
your server.  This is a good thing and we wish to keep this ease of

Some ideas toward your request for improvement:  It is fairly common that an
FTP server will allow a request to get a <directory>.zip and will
automatically zip up the directory for you and transfer it.  InstallMgr,
when downloading the DataPath directory could _try_ <DataPath>.zip and see
if it is available.

We currently have 1 caching mechanism in place: mods.d.tar.gz  If this
exists, we use it, otherwise we grab the mods.d/*.conf files one by one.  We
could do something similar where we check, e.g. <Repository
Path>/../packages/raw/<Mod>.zip and use it if it exists.

Any thoughts?


DM Smith <dmsmith555 at yahoo.com> wrote: 
>The BAO module has about 175 images. Are these downloaded one by one? 
>What happens if there is a failure on downloading, say, the 135th image? 
>I would think that with an image rich module that there is no constraint 
>on the number of images it might hold. Is there a good way to improve 
>the reliability of the transfer of the entire module?
>In Him,
>    DM
>Martin Gruner wrote:
>> Hi,
>> is there a reason why
>>         int copyDirectory(const char *urlPrefix, const char *dir, const
>char *dest, 
>> const char *suffix);
>> in ftptrans.h is not virtual? This would allow frontends to reimlement on
>> higher level than getURL only. The current implementation of
>> has the weakness that the counter for total data to be transferred
>> as new directories are found and transferred. You can see this with the
>> module from Karl Kleinpaste, for example. The status reporter 'readjusts'
>> progress as it discovers the directory with the images, which holds the 
>> actual data.
>> Can we change the function definition above to make it virtual?
>> God bless, 
>> mg
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