[sword-devel] New development on Mac

Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at yahoo.de
Sat Sep 8 07:14:38 MST 2007


I want to starting a new frontend on the Mac platform and would like  
to invite everyone who is willing to help.
 From UI developers to icon designers everyone is welcome to  
Please write to my email address if you are interested.

The MacSword application has gotten quite old by the time. It still  
has Jaguar support which is fine but now that Leopard is coming, the  
time is right to start something new with new features and new  

Some things like the Sword backend and the SearchKit search/indexing  
stuff can be taken from MacSword.
The backend has been cleaned up to make it KVO kompliant.
Additionally a new backend wrapper to Sword InstallMgr has been  
created and is working.

Best regards,

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